Welcome to CorporateRewards+ – Elevating Your Business Travel Experience!

Membership Tiers:

  1. Executive: Kickstart your corporate journey as an Executive and gain access to essential benefits like earning points on bookings and exclusive member promotions.
  2. Manager: Progress to Manager status by accumulating points through your business travels. Enjoy perks such as priority booking assistance, early access to sales, and personalized travel recommendations.
  3. Director: Attain Director status for enhanced rewards tailored to your corporate needs. Experience benefits like complimentary room upgrades, bonus points on select bookings, and dedicated corporate account management.
  4. Executive Director: Reach the pinnacle of corporate rewards as an Executive Director. Receive VIP treatment with exclusive access to airport lounges, personalized concierge service, and elite partner benefits tailored to your corporate requirements.

Membership Bonuses:

  1. Corporate Cashback Cascade: Benefit from our innovative cashback cascade system, where you earn 5% cashback from your first reservation towards your second and third corporate bookings. Maximize savings and optimize your corporate travel budget!
  2. Group Rewards: Unlock exclusive benefits for group corporate bookings, including complimentary rooms, free nights, and priority transfers. These benefits scale with tiered annual spendings, ensuring your corporate group experiences the utmost in convenience and luxury.
  3. Tiered Annual Spendings: Elevate your corporate rewards with tiered annual spendings across different categories:
    • $5,000: Unlock special corporate benefits such as bonus points, room upgrades, and dining vouchers tailored for your business needs.
    • $10,000: Enjoy expanded perks like free nights, spa treatments, and exclusive corporate event invitations.
    • $15,000: Experience VIP corporate treatment with priority access, airport transfers, and personalized corporate concierge service.
    • $25,000: Indulge in luxury corporate experiences with private dining, chauffeur-driven cars, and exclusive resort access.
    • $50,000: Reach the pinnacle of corporate rewards with bespoke corporate travel packages, personalized itineraries, and once-in-a-lifetime corporate experiences.

Additional Corporate Benefits:

  • Flexible Redemption: Use your corporate points for free nights, flight upgrades, car rentals, and more. No blackout dates, no restrictions, just seamless corporate travel experiences.
  • Exclusive Corporate Partner Offers: Access special corporate discounts and offers from our trusted partners, tailored to your corporate travel preferences and requirements.
  • Dedicated Corporate Account Management: Enjoy the convenience of dedicated corporate account management, ensuring a seamless corporate travel experience from start to finish.

Join Now and Revolutionize Your Corporate Travel:

Enroll in CorporateRewards+ today and elevate every aspect of your corporate travel journey. Whether you’re traveling solo, with colleagues, or as a corporate group, CorporateRewards+ is your ultimate partner in optimizing corporate travel experiences. Join now and redefine corporate travel excellence!

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