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Get more quality and value with each confirmed booking using our hotel rooms purchasing power. We do not price-match - we simply give you the best solution in terms of standard, location and customer feedback for less than your travel budget.

Skyline Loyalty 

Skyline Has 2 major Loyalty Programs as follows:

– Referral Program

– Rewards Program

Referral Program – Affiliate Partners

Affiliate partners profit from the highest revenue earning potential in the industry. By combining your quality traffic with our accommodation offers, the best room rates and daily availability, the number of reservations and revenue you can acquire are maximized. This program is mainly designed for VIP customers as we apply massive discounts on their reservation and they might get the whole reservation for free! To know more about this program please contact our team at reservations@skylinehousing.net

Skyline Rewards Program

What is Skyline Housing Rewards?

Skyline Housing Rewards is an exciting loyalty rewards for our customers. Stay 10 nights at any of our 90,000+ hotels and get one free* night for your next similar booking at the same hotel or any partner properties with the same level based on the availability, our customers can benefit from rewards very quickly.

Do I have to sign up?

Getting this offer is so easy. If you already have a reservation with us so you can request your free nights based on your existing reservation.

Which properties participate in the Reward program ? What is a partner property?

Partner properties are properties that Skyline Housing has an offers with , you can simply know what are the partner properties for your existing reservation by requesting that from our customer service department.

How can I check my account balance?

Send us an email to reservations@skylinehousing.net   to check your account balance and to check the available partner properties.

Do I have to use this offer in a specific time frame?

Your Skyline Housing offer will expire 3 months after they are earned.

Can I use this offer with any other offers / promotion?

Our Reward program is not valid to use with any other promotions programs.

What if I want to use my reward on a property that has a different level?

You can simply pay the difference to use a higher level property than the original selected property. We will handle this for you when you apply your reward to a specific booking upon your request.

Notes:  free night(s)  does not include any surcharges.

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We can help you find a hotel room & apartments based on your preferences, in just few words, let us know and you will get the best hotel rates on the markets!

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Loyalty Program & Testimonials

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