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Skyline Exclusive Travel

American Exclusive Travel Community to provide their attendees and exhibitors a great lodging value behind their spendings and long-term benefits.

Flexible Booking

Granted to receive at least 20-40% less from online rates with-in 5 minutes, you get free consultation and great benefits.

Double Confirmation

Just before arrival, your rooms will be automatically reconfirmed to guarantee smooth arrival


A pleasant experience for you and collegues when they request changes.


7 Years of Corporate Travel Excellence!

Ease the process of handling your groups across your tradeshows calendar!

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Access up to 600,000 Hotels, 50,000 Venue

Booking Process

in 2 minute a confirmation number is sent before payment

01. Reliability

As different from other third parties, we deliver great experience for our clients and successful travel perks for groups that has massive effort just to make your day comfortable, other parties seek profit at most, we seek clients experience.

02. Receive Quotation

By click on get free quotation, you get a list of options to resolve your tradeshow planning in two minutes, with great margins from online rates and book in a crafted travel advisor showcase.

03. Book Now pay later

Collarabiting with great providers allows us to be give ease of access to group block rates and comparison with a lowest rate guarantee policy, you are allowed to secure the maximum discount and choose when to pay.

04. Insider Benefits

Referring others will earn you $25 per room held by others towards current or future invoices to be discounted as promised.