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Skyline Housing Story

We're A Bit Different. And We Like It That Way.

You can feel the energy in the air when you walk around our Michigan headquarters. A debate about rate plans over a heated game of shuffleboard. An attribution model scrawled on the wall next to a portrait of Marco Polo. Big data in the morning to fill the mind; yoga in the afternoon to clear it.

We are not just a vendor, and you are not just a client; we are a partner that celebrates your success & your exhibition. We have built ourselves from the ground up over the past decade to grow and thrive alongside you. We have just one mission: to exceed your goals and shatter your expectations. We are the partner you have been waiting to find.


Our Mission

Is to create the best discounted rates for clients where we can utilize our services, support and care in realizing corporate goals as well as acquire relevant rates and more discounts. we are self-motivated, articulate and able to get you the best rates in any hotel clients can think of any where in the world.

To continuously learn the value of life from clients and every opportunity we come in contact with, to enable us relate professionally with the world and also give ultimate value-added service to everyone we come in contact with – who literally is our customer.

About Us

We can help you find a hotel room & apartments based on your preferences, in just few words, let us know and you will get the best hotel rates on the markets!

Contact Us

Address: 400 Renaissance Center,
Suite 2600, PMB# 1165
Detroit, MI 48243

U.S. Office: +1 (877) 780-4512

UK Office: +44 (744) – 139 – 9591

Email: reservations@skylinehousing.net

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About us

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